3 Quick Tips to YES In Your Life

Right now, more than EVER, a mantra of YES I CAN can move you from fear to freedom, scared to strong, and uncertain to unstoppable! But how? By being aware of your thoughts and feelings – and learning to flip the switch.

Each of us has a decision to make, daily. Decide to live at our greatest potential, or not. Commit to doing whatever it takes, or not, Taking action to move us in the direction of our dreams, or not.

Seems pretty simple, right? Not really. The noise of the world, the fears of the future and the ambiguity of our current circumstances may slow you down, or stop you all together.

Here are 3 tips to help you ease back into your life and business.

Get Clear. Clarity is a top priority. But how do you get clear when things are so uncertain? Let’s get present – right here, right now, in this moment… what is most important? Family, business, health, relationship, money? Where do you need to focus today and what are your non-negotiables?

Get a Calendar. As one days fades into the next, and weeks go by until we aren’t sure what month it is, we need to take an ACTIVE role in our day. You’ve gotten clear on what is most important in this moment; now whatever that is, calendar the goals, tasks and steps to focus on that ONE thing. If it’s losing the COVID19 like me, it’s exercise. If it’s launching a new product, what are the daily steps? If it’s getting closer to God, make the time. Start with your non-negotiables and block it into your calendar.

Commit. Sounds easy, right? But I know it’s not. Life gets in the way and excuses easily fill in the blanks. But the fact is, and you know this too… only when we flip the switch and make it the top priority, will we see results. Start by visioning your success – EVERY morning when you wake up – and EVERY night when your head hits the pillow. Re-commit daily… to you.

And when you think you can’t take another day, another hour, another setback or struggle, remember… YES I CAN!