Get your YES on.

We all have one thing in common... we want to consistently improve our lives to be the best version it can be. We are capable of adjusting and making transformations but sometimes we need a little nudge (or a big push) to get us to leave our zone of comfort.

Significant, lasting change means stepping beyond your current way of life and embracing new habits. Your life is your signature creation and it should be your intent as such to express yourself boldly, create what you love and love what you create.

Enough waiting! It’s time to do the work and get your YES on!

What is living your YES?

It's living your truth - showing up as only you can!

It's living your values, your dreams and your priorities. And how do you get past the fears, obstacles and everything else holding you back? Embodying the mantra YES I CAN to all that stands in your way.

YES I CAN living is transforming your life while revolutionizing your business. It's not waiting until the business is successful to do the personal work. And it's not being "perfect" in your personal life before growing the business. It's doing it simultaneously. You simply can't have one without the other and truly be living your YES!

We immediately start working with the YES Method, peeling back the layers, working through the barriers and breaking it down to bite-sized nuggets - for both your life and business. Because if you don't know what your big life dreams are, how do you truly know what you need to create to support those dreams? That's why the program is customized just for you!

These programs are for entrepreneurs like you - ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work, and create the business around the lifestyle you dream of and deserve!

The YES Method™

How It Works
  1. Discovering your YES - What is your big life vision or dream? Using my signature intake process, we peel the onion to get total clarity and unearth your YES.
  2. Own your YES - We work through any barriers and obstacles that might be paralyzing you or holding you back taking up precious real estate and refocus your energy, time and efforts more positively. Using my specially designed workbook along with our 1 on 1 calls, we will navigate through your greatest fears and
  3. Love your YES - No time? No Money? No excuses!! I’ve heard them all. Let’s replace those excuses with actionable steps so you can learn to love your YES.
  4. Design your YES - This is where we dice things into bite-sized digestible nuggets, taking life as it comes, month by month, day by day because that is simply reality. During this step, we map out your full blueprint!
  5. Live your YES - You have my support (and then some) -now go live the better version of you and I’ll be here when you need me to hold you accountable.

Explore the Life and Business Integration Packages

Called to the Table Group

Join us at the table where innovation, inspiration, and empowerment converge. Here, you'll find a supportive community of like-minded women, each on her own journey to success. Through collaboration, connection, and shared wisdom, we'll propel each other forward and shatter ceilings together. Year-long program
One monthly 1 hour private strategy session

Monthly group session
Private Communication Channel
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Say YES Power Track Private Coaching

If you know you need to implement change but you don’t know where to start then this personal private 1-1 coaching package is certainly designed for you! The 90 day Say YES Power Track is just that - a fast moving power program to help you find and accept the YES within you. In 90 days, we will move you forward by leaps and bounds, helping you discover your YES and find best practices to keep you on track (so to speak)!
90 Day Program
PRIVATE 1 on 1, 2 hour DISCOVER & DESIGN strategy session
Six 1 on 1 personal private 1 hour calls (2 calls per month)
Direct access to Cathy for accountability
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VIP Experience - A Private Day For You

Are you one who wants to GET IT DONE in a day? If you need help with the strategy and are ready to take that plan into implementation with your team, a VIP experience may be just the thing for you! The VIP Experience is offered as a Half or Full day.
We will review all areas of your current business
We will create your strategy along with implementation plan
Overnight accommodations available
Beautiful location to provide the space for creative thinking, brainstorming and getting the work done
Follow Up 1-1 private zoom 30 days after the VIP Experience
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