+I’m not sure I can afford the investment in myself?
Can you afford not to? The YES Method™ coaching program, if followed, can deliver a positive return on your investment. During our coaching time together, we look at all areas of your personal and professional life. We can create a plan around your financial goals and put accountability checkpoints in place so that you are certain to hit your goals – as long as you do the work! We all know we need to invest money to make money and your life needs a solid foundation (much like a house requires) in order to build and evolve, so investing in yourself to ensure that your foundation is strong and optimal is paramount.
+I’m too busy right now, I don’t have the time.
Our go-go-go schedules is a valid concern when considering coaching, but it’s also one of the very key reasons to manage your time more efficiently and find focus with a coach. In our initial session, we review and tackle time management strategies – assessing your priorities and creating a plan that allows for ample productivity with a “no-excuses” approach.
+ I’m not sure coaching is for me.
Are you coachable? If you aren’t, coaching may not be right for you – but how do you even know the answer unless we talk? Coaching is a professional yet collaborative relationship that concentrates on your strengths and capabilities while simultaneously conquering whatever is preventing you from meeting your goals. I offer customized solutions based around your individual scenario. My YES Method™ breaks down the proverbial whale into bite-sized pieces with accountability to do the work that only you can do.
+So many coaches say they can help me and make promises of “this” and “that”. What makes you different?
I walk my talk, that’s why! I don’t ask my clients to do something I have not done myself. Nothing irks me more than “coaches” who decide to just hang out their shingle because they think they can! I’ve been an entrepreneur for 22+ years and owned and sold a 6 figure business. I’ve walked through the journey of divorce, a family member abusing drugs, health challenges and the list goes on. I have actual experience walking figuratively in your shoes – plus I went and got certified by the International Coach Federation.
+I need to think about it.
Okay – I can understand that. That was my excuse for years and I thought and thought and thought. In the meantime, nothing changed because I had couldn’t get off the fence and commit. Are you committed? Only you know! I only desire to work with those who are committed and willing to work on themselves. I can’t want it more for you then you want it for yourself. If you’d like to explore your options, let’s hop on the phone!

Disclaimer: I need to add the disclaimer that results are not guaranteed, simply put because I can’t be YOU. My goal is to help you discover and design your YES life providing you with the tools and assisting you with developing a plan all the while supporting and cheering you on 100% through the process. YOU must do the work to reach the YES prize.